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Memphis Lineman Interested in Tennessee

After having two big-time Volunteers targets in last year's class, Memphis East High School has produced another big time college prospect in six-foot-sixoffensive linemanChristian Morris.

Morris, who holds offers from Tennessee and Mississippi State, has already had his recruitment up-and-running. The junior lineman was able to create holes for future Vanderbilt freshman Brian Kimbrow, who was an Army All-American. Having Kimbrow and future Mississippi State Bulldog Will Redmond as teammates and friends may be something that Morris to his advantage in his on recruiting process.

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"I mainly learned from them that hard works pays off and no matter how good of an athlete you are practice makes perfect."

Despite having two future SEC stars as teammates, there has to some train of thought that somehow he might end up with one of his high school teammates, right?

However, for Morris, the big man from Memphis wants to be his own star from Memphis East.

"Well sometimes I could see myself playing with them, especially with an athlete of some sort, but they played a huge factor on my life. I feel that I need to separate from the tree as in competing against them. Those are my guys and I respect them but I feel that I should attend somewhere different and make my own team as in helping out another team to become ultimate."

Striking out on offensive lineman in 2012 has really made the Vols coaching staff hit the road and phones on a lot of interior guys. Like many, Morris is one of the prospects getting to know new offensive line coach Sam Pittman.

"I do not know the coaches quite well yet, but I predict that I would have a strong relationship with Sam Pittman due to the fact that he would push me and inspire me to do better. But don't get me wrong, I would have a strong bond with the whole coaching staff no matter what."

Tennessee is just one of many schools that are after the Memphis product. Alabama, Vanderbilt, Georgia, Texas, Ohio State, and many more are inquiring about the pass blocker.

When asked about a decision, Morris responded that he hopes to have one made after his football season.

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