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Its a Good Day to Buy a New Bike

Its a good day to buy a bicycle one friend sending encouragement via email known the doubt and guilt would be with me. I wanted a British brand deterred by the commonality of the likes of Specialised and the flashy colour schemes of European brands. I've known of Dolan bikes for years having ridden them on the Manchester track and looked on with admiration as Chris Hoy rode Dolan bikes at multiple world championships.

As bike shops go it is one of the best I've been in, with a charming but professional, no-nonsense feel about the place. Through the back there's a large warehouse, storing racks of race specific frames and bike builders meeting the demand of a 2 week lead time. Steven Dolan, the son of Terry Dolan set me up on a turbo offering expert sizing advice. After a debate over the race specific geometry of the Ares and the comfort of the Tuono, I finally purchased the Tuono.

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Furthermore the Pre-cursa caught my eye as an entry level track bike, perfect for bashing around the city. Having come under budget for my road bike I got completely overexcited and purchased the Pre-cursa as well.

The whole experience was great and did I feel guilty afterwards, surprisingly not!

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