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All-Marathon Team Announced

It felt a little like March Madness in November but it was actually the 24 hour College Basketball Tip-Off Marathon, a collaboration of basketball talk by popular networks..

The 24 hour chat coincided with ESPN's 24 hours of College Basketball that concluded late Tuesday night.The chat reached out to interested fans worldwide, with imput from as far away as Brazil, who we're able to share opinions and comments as the games we're being played. While many chatters came and went, Andy Coppens and Ryan Wooden were the true marathon men. They endured the entire 24 hours of action non-stop, fueled by pizza, soda's and energy drinks. The dedication of those who contributed to the event certainly underlined the passion for College Basketball that exists.

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As for the games, there we're very entertaining games and there we're some sloppy games but each one had a personality all to itself. The day featured a major upset with Kent State defeating West Virginia to a record setting night with Coach Mike Krzyzewski breaking Bobby Knight's record of victories at 903. We saw programs such as Kentucky and Kansas but we're also entertained by schools such as Drexel and College of Charleston. Here are the results of the games played:


Washington State 81 Gonzaga 89


Northern Iowa 41 St. Mary's 57

Drexel 80 Rider 62

Morehead State 57 College of Charleston 72

Kent State 70 West Virginia 60

Belmont 81 Memphis 97

San Diego State 67 Baylor 77

Rhode Island 90 Texas 100

FIU 63 Virginia Tech 78

Duke 74 Michigan State 69

Florida 74 Ohio State 81

Arkansas-Pine Bluff 46 Oklahoma State 73

Kentucky 75. Kansas 65

Austin Peay 55 California 72

Albany 74 Syracuse 98

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