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I have kicked off the season in pink...

I have kicked off the season in pink with 12th in the first Womens Team Series at hog hill and also my first win of the season! ) A really hard race found me and Lauren Humphreys of Rugby Velo clear of the field. Don't we look happy!

An awesome day for me and also my team as Cassie McGoldrick also took a win at hog hill in the afternoon. Which I decided to ride also it's good training right?

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More recently I rode the tour of Malta where I guested for the Team Bonito Squadra Corse, where the team won overall with Mathilde Matisse and won 2 stages, Mathilde and Lauryn Theirin. However the warm weather was pretty cool too!

Then there was the Tour of the Reservoir a brutally windy and cold race. I lasted 2 laps and then got pooed out of the back on one of the climbs. On a positive note it was nice to be able to watch the finish, Nicola Juniper took the win in impressive 2 man break with Alexie Shaw.

What is next for me you may ask?! Well the next few months look equally busy and exciting there are even rumours of me riding in the Tour de France well sort of. anyway I have to save something to write about!

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