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Basic Martial Arts Program

This program teaches sound fundamentals to beginner level students who desire to learn the basics in martial arts instruction. Our Basic Program is a blend of boxing, karate, tae kwon do, kickboxing and other various styles of martial arts. Classes are 2 times per week and are separated into youth (7-12 years) and adult (13 and older). Throughout this program parents will see an increase in focus, discipline and self-confidence as our students progress through the beginner belt levels. Our instructors teach and motivate in a positive manner rewarding good behavior through stripes, academic rewards, certificates and new belts.

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Character building themes are intertwined in the curriculum to help our students change their behavior, not only at the academy, but more importantly outside the academy. A martial arts tradition is respect, and as such, is an integral part of our system. To nurture and encourage respect outside the academy, our students are required to perform acts of kindness, courtesy and respect on an ongoing basis. They are also tasked with following "the one rule"-- doing something they are told the first time.

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