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Snow makes me think outside the box

The whole country has been affected by snow over recent weeks. The result has been closed schools, poor sales in many shops in the run up to Christmas, just at a time when many people are concerned about their future prosperity.That is why I admired the enterprise of a local landscape gardener. He had placed an advert in the local garden centre to clear the snow. I had not seen this before and I certainly would have been interested because I am a wheelchair user. I have already discovered that wheelchairs and snow do not work well.

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The advert also made me think about our future way of working. We need to find new ways of keeping costs down and we must think out of the box. This includes all areas of local authority provision and it gave me an idea.Can a school find other local clients for their grounds maintenance provision? For example would a local football, cricket or rugby club want help with grass cutting or pitch marking. If a team of people is working in one area and can get more done in one local visit the costs are shared and the cost to the school will come down. It may also help the local sports club who will also be experiencing cost concerns in this difficult economic climate.

This is just one example of what can be done and I am sure there are many more.

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