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Got more than I expected...

It was just after we had climbed up our last slope when I was startled by a guy who was covered head to toe in muck. And I mean covered. I didn't actually see him until I was running beside him and I only really saw the whites of his eyes! He was doing the 12k loop whereas I was doing 6k. I don't know what he had just done but it looked like he had been dipped in a mud bath. He blew some mud rockets out of his nose and was on his way.

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Maybe it was because this guy had distracted me, or maybe I just took a wrong turn but instead of seeing the 5k marker I was expecting to see, all of a sudden I see 15k! I figured that it was a joining point for the different distances and I would find the finish line soon but after continuing on I realised that nope, I just joined up with the 18k loop. But I wasn't the only one. Depending on the distance you signed up to run, you got a different colour wrist band so I could see that lots of my fellow 6k-ers had also ended up here. I didn't mind doing the extra distance anyways as a lot of the course you had to walk due to a narrow track and walkers in front of me that I couldn't get around.

For the final part of the course we were met with holes you had to jump in and out of, electric wires that you had to crawl under on your elbows (army style!), trenches to manouevre, tunnels to crawl in and lots of nettles to avoid! Unfortunately there was a massive bottle neck for the electric wires and we had to wait 15 minutes in line to do it. That was pretty annoying but at least I didn't get electrocuted, if only Kaca could say the same!

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