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Patience is a Virtue

When I was 4 years old, I stepped out onto the soccer field for the very first time. My hair was freshly combed to the side with my mothers spit, and my shorts which looked more like pants we're pulled up to my chin to prevent a tripping hazard. I didn't know what to expect; I didn't know what to do or which direction to go. I just stood there and looked around. I looked at all the grass, I looked at the parents lined on both sides of the field, yelling and screaming and pointing and swearing. I looked at the ball and all the players swarmed around it, and I knew that I was hooked. This was my game. This was my field.

To this day, there is something about a soccer field that just gets me going. When I step out there, laces tightened, legs stretched, shorts still pulled up high, I am ready to do some serious butt kicking. I am like King Leonidas without the abs. I mean with the abs. I am like King Leonidas with the abs, without the leather underwear.

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I yell crazy things too. Give me the ball! Lets go! Hey buddy, you got yourself a pencil and paper? Cause you bout to take some notes! I get hyped up on an all natural, three red bull kick and I want to score. I want to win. I want to do a victory dance.

Of course, all the wanting and talking rarely translates to anything worth writing home (or notes) about. I start making passes that don't need to be passed, juking players, that don't need to be juked. I don't allow the game to come to me, I take myself to the game. I force the issue. And then I fail. My passes get intercepted, the ball gets taken away, the other guy hands me his pencil and paper. I end up standing alone, watching the game go by, upset with myself because I forgot to take one thing out on the field with me: patience.

The funny thing is, I'm actually a fairly good soccer player. I'm not the best; I'm no David Beckham or Christiano Ronaldo, I might not even be as good as this guy, but I know how to play the game. If I stay patient and wait for the game to come to me, for the holes to open up and the opportunities to present themselves, I usually play very well. I just have to wait for my time to shine. Until then I have to calm the anxiety and wait.

Just wait. Be patient.


The saying patience is a virtue is true; unfortunately it's a virtue that has yet to come knocking on my door. I don't know patience, we haven't met, and so I'm stuck working with what I know: restlessness. Its not just on the soccer field. Its at work, at play, at home, in life. Anytime an idea comes to the forefront of my mind I want it to happen right away, by supper if possible. I don't like timelines and outlines. I don't like goal setting and prioritizing. I like accomplishing. Unfortunately that's not how life works. You have to wait, you have to be patient. You have to wait for the door to open, even if it's something you feel called to do.

Moses showed us what not to do many moons ago. Yes, Moses, the guy with the magical staff that turns into a snake and wins battles. The guy who faces Pharaoh straight on and leads the Israelites out of Egypt; but I'm not talking Exodus, I'm talking murder.

Personally, I think Moses had this sense that he would free the Israelites way before he actually did. Maybe it was a gut feeling, a calling from God, a sense he was meant to do something bigger. So he set out to do it. He sees an Egyptian violently assaulting his kinsman and decides it was time, time to free his people. He was just following his own instincts, doing what he felt he was called to do, but the door wasnt open. It wasnt his time. So what happens? He ends up a murderer, in exile for 40 years.

Moses wasnt patient. If he was, maybe the burning bush would have come before he was 80. Or maybe not, I don't know, I'm no theologian. What I do know is the lesson is learned. Sometimes it's best to just be patient. Sometimes it's best to just sit back and wait and for those open doors. Sometimes it's best to just pull up our shorts and watch the game.

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